Important Message For Incoming Grade 9 Students – Kickstart Program

This is an important message from Cardinal Carter Catholic School regarding a wonderful summer learning program for all in-coming grade 9 students.

The Kickstart program is an opportunity for in-coming grade 9 students to continue to: 

  • Gap filling curriculum activities to support students as they transition from elementary to secondary
  • Further develop literacy and numeracy skills
  • enjoy virtual experiential learning activities (i.e. design thinking training)

The beauty of this summer transition program is that students will be taught by some of the teachers they may have in September and will have the opportunity to become oriented and more comfortable with their new school.

In addition to all of these benefits, students will earn a credit for their work: HIF1O1 – Individual and Family Living (Open) Grade 9. This course will count as one (1) high school credit that students will use towards graduation.

For more information, Click HERE to access a parent flyer.

To register for the program please visit:

Due to COVID 19, our Kickstart programming is currently scheduled to run via elearn. We will inform you if we will be able to offer in-school instruction pending Ministry and Public Health direction.


Many thanks and we look forward to working and learning with your son/daughter.