Canada Reads

These last couple of weeks have culminated in some very proud moments for me as an English teacher at Cardinal Carter.  I have had the opportunity to witness students truly caring about literature (and not just classical literature).  These students moved beyond their comfortable reading patterns and chose a supplementary book to read that was both contemporary and Canadian.  There was no need to look ... Continue reading "Canada Reads"

Virtual fieldtrips to “La francophonie”

The cost of a field trip has never been so low or far-reaching. In our ongoing quest to be effective communicators in a second language, Grade 9 IB French students at Cardinal Carter used Virtual Reality to build intercultural understanding and connections as they “visited” French speaking countries around the globe.

In our efforts to be knowledgeable about the ... Continue reading "Virtual fieldtrips to “La francophonie”"

Awards Ceremony


To celebrate the achievement of our students, an awards ceremony is scheduled for October 17th. Students in grades 9 to 11 will be honoured as Grade 12 students were acknowledged during our June graduation ceremony.  As noted in our school agenda posted on our website, students are encouraged to achieve their best in all that they attempt at school.

The ... Continue reading "Awards Ceremony"

CSC Election Meeting

Our first Catholic School Council meeting will take place in the Cardinal Carter library classroom on Monday, September 17th at 7pm.  This meeting will focus on the CSC election.  You can pick up a nomination form in the main office if you are interested in being part of Catholic School Council. Catholic School Council meetings will take place in the Cardinal Carter library at 7pm on

Muskoka Woods 2018

The annual trip to Muskoka Woods is a beloved tradition which was again a great success this year. At the surface, this seems like a fun and frivolous orientation, but it is so much more than that.

Character and Skill Building

Grade 9 students are put into several different groups throughout the trip and put in situations where they experience activities, take risks, ... Continue reading "Muskoka Woods 2018"

Course Changes

Welcome back Carter students!

Guidance has been busy changing courses and building time tables for students joining our community.  Course changes based on post-secondary program requirements; incomplete timetables and credits earned over the summer have now been completed.  Course changes are now closed.  Counsellors will continue to monitor waiting lists until next Thursday, September 13.  Good luck to all students as they settle ... Continue reading "Course Changes"