Integrating the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

In the IB Mathematics programme, students make use of technology to engage in inquiry-based learning as they compare, examine and analyse various characteristics and features of functions. Not only do students become familiar with utilising graphing calculators, but they also learn how to leverage other computer software programs like Desmos. 

Through this inquiry-based learning model, students utilize Google Sheets to calculate ... Continue reading "Integrating the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Mathematics"

IB Theory of Knowledge Presentation

A special thank you goes out to Mr. Lambropoulos for his outstanding efforts in delivering the “Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge” lecture to the Grade 11 IB students.

This lecture is part of a series of lectures that will be taking place this year as part of the school’s commitment to the continuity of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) curriculum over Year ... Continue reading "IB Theory of Knowledge Presentation"

Terry Fox Run 2020

This year we will be supporting the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, as it celebrates its 40th year.  Our school community has a very positive tradition of participating in this annual fundraising walk.  This is a particularly important year to continue this tradition as opportunities to come together as a community may be few, and in the shadow of Covid, many philanthropic institutions are suffering ... Continue reading "Terry Fox Run 2020"

Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation – October 21, 2020

Congratulations on your child’s Graduation. Our Graduation Ceremony will be virtual on October 21, 2020 at 7pm.  Although we would have hoped for a face to face Graduation Ceremony, due to Covid-19 public health recommendations we are in the processing of organizing a virtual ceremony.

In order to celebrate your child’s graduation and their achievements, parents/guardians will receive a link to a video ... Continue reading "Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation – October 21, 2020"