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Applications for the IB Diploma Programme 2021-2022 

Interested applicants who wish to enroll in the Cardinal Carter CHS IB Diploma Programme are to go to the following website:

Online applications will be accepted from November 4th – November 27th. The online application will become available on November 4th. 

Applicants need to do the following: 

Celebrating IB Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS): Wooden Bike Project

The International Baccalaureate program not only improves one’s academic success, but also allows them to develop social skills that they can carry into their future. CAS is an experience-based opportunity  in which students are given the task to organize various activities that fall into at least one of three categories; creativity, activity, or service. This prepares students for a life outside of school, ... Continue reading "Celebrating IB Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS): Wooden Bike Project"

Integrating the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

In the IB Mathematics programme, students make use of technology to engage in inquiry-based learning as they compare, examine and analyse various characteristics and features of functions. Not only do students become familiar with utilising graphing calculators, but they also learn how to leverage other computer software programs like Desmos. 

Through this inquiry-based learning model, students utilize Google Sheets to calculate ... Continue reading "Integrating the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Mathematics"

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