Fashion Takes Action Workshop


Fashion Takes Action at Carter!

In the last week, the grade nine geography students at Carter had the privilege of taking part in a workshop entitled Fashion Takes Action. Fashion Takes Action is a nonprofit organization that encourages a better way of fashion, and increasing the sustainability, along with the arising and continuing issues that we know as “fast fashion”. Through their educational program, “My Clothes, My World”, we were able to discuss the textile industry’s affect on individuals all over the world. The textile industry is the second largest polluter on the planet! Throughout the workshop, we were immersed in knowledge that allowed us to understand how our wants in the clothing industry can be very hazardous. Companies such as Joe Fresh, Nike, Zara, H&M and many more, are using fast fashion in countries such as Bangladesh and having employees work in horrible work conditions in which people’s lives are at risk. Through FTA, we were able to learn solutions, such as up-cycling clothing, learning how to make their our fabrics and how to recycle clothing that is no longer used. In our time with My Clothes My World, old t-shirts  were made into bags, and plant holders. Even small leftover scraps were reused and made into headbands or jewellry by our classmates or donated to an upcycling facility who will late make use of them. FTA taught us that taking small steps such as being more aware of what we are buying as consumers can make a difference. The Fashion Takes Action website is full of more information.

Everything has an impact.

Simply looking at the label on your clothes and not buying into companies that are negative makes a huge difference. Also check out the app “Good on You”, to check if the companies are you purchasing from are ethical, fair and sustainable.

Melissa Dinardo and Oliver Mitrovic

–Ms Carino’s grade 9 class


Ms. Villani’s class creations.

Thinking about the life cycle of a pair of jeans.