Environmental Art Project + Canada 150

  “The reason I am in Canada” is an art piece I made as a tribute to The Right Hon. Justin Trudeau who is the Prime Minister of Canada and for Canada 150. The reason I chose Mr. Trudeau was because he had a very big hand in me being here today.  I migrated to Canada in December 2016; my application took a short time which doesn’t happen very often.  If it wasn’t for the Prime Minister making family reunification a core priority and increasing the number of applicants, I would still be back home in Kenya.

      The theme of the project was ‘Environmental art’.  I chose an art technique called corrugated cardboard portraits for my art piece. This form of art uses cardboard that is cutout; it consists of negative and positive areas where u chose either or, to cut out and expose the corrugated area. I selected this art technique since I would be able to use recycled cardboard to make the portrait.  

–Tayyaba Janmohamed

Ms. Bonomo’s grade 11 class