SHSM Program

How many of you know what the SHSM program is?

SHSM is the Specialist High Skills Major Program which offers you a unique opportunity to complete additional certifications, gain valuable work experience, and essentially build a successful pathway right into the career of your choice.

This program is geared to help students who are heading straight into the workforce, going to college or university or for those looking at obtaining an apprenticeship in a specific trade.  So essentially, SHSM is a program for any student.

Right now we offer a Business program but we have a pending application for a Health and Wellness Program.

Why take SHSM?

For those who are not partial to classroom learning; there is an option to take multiple co-ops in the field of your choice or to work towards an apprenticeship in your desired trade as long as you obtain the course bundle of Math, English, Social Science/Science credits.

For those who love to be in the classroom you have the unique opportunity to complete your OSSD whilst still obtaining your SHSM designation through the completion of course bundles, certifications, experiential learning, reach ahead opportunities, and a sector partner contextualized experience.

Many students who complete their OSSD with a SHSM designation obtain entrance scholarships to many differing Universities and Colleges.  In the case of students who took dual credits; those credits are now applied to their post-secondary institution requirements.

The additional certifications and opportunities are offered to our SHSM participants at no cost.  This means that they are FREE!! And they help build a solid resume and begin a worthy network of potential employers in your chosen field.

If you are interested in knowing more about the SHSM program please stop in to Guidance and pick up a flyer, check out Carter’s website with a PowerPoint presentation that explains the program in more detail or make an appointment with your Counsellor to discuss your options.SHS

Thanks for your time.