January 2019 Examinations

We Are Getting Ready For Exams!

Exam preparations are underway for January 2019.  At this time we would like to share with you the exam rules in advance.  An exam schedule will be provided prior to our Christmas break It will be uploaded on our site and a hard copy will be issued to each student.  Please be aware of the rules, especially pertaining to vacations booked during exam times as we will not be able to accommodate for these plans. We look forward to a smooth running examination period.




  • All students must report to exam rooms 10 minutes before the scheduled time and are to remain for the duration of the exam.
  • The exam period begins at 8:30 am.
  • Students write one exam per day as per board policy.  If you have more than one exam scheduled for any given day, please see Ms. Rocca or Ms. Figliomeni in the VP office.

ABSENCES FROM AN EXAM:  Students who are absent from an exam because of illness must have their parent/guardian phone the school by 8:30 a.m., on the morning of their exam (905) 727-2455.  

A medical certificate verifying the illness and the time(s) the student will be affected MUST be brought to the Attendance Secretary within 24 hours.    Students who are absent from an exam without a legitimate reason (illness or funeral) will be given a grade of ZERO on the exam.  Please note that vacations or appointments are not legitimate reasons to be excused from an exam and exemptions will not be granted for these reasons.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Students MUST present themselves to write all examinations in the proper, approved school uniform.  Students arriving out of uniform will not be permitted to write their examinations until he/she is in uniform.  No extra time will be given to make up lost time because a student is out of uniform.

LATES:   Students who are late for an exam will not be given extra time to make up their missed time.

BUSES: Busing during examination week will run according to regular schedule.  As you are only writing one examination per day, you may wish to arrange a ride home yourself.

TEXTBOOK COLLECTION: Unless alternative directions have been given by your teachers, students are expected to bring textbooks issued to them for a particular subject to school on the date and time of the examination and turn them in by placing them under their desks in the examination hall or room at the time of the examination.  Students who have not returned, accounted for or paid for missing textbooks and/or library resources will not receive books or any learning materials for the next semester.  Students are obliged to return those texts originally checked out to them.  Students may not return texts for their friends. Students must bring textbooks to the room location of their exam.  Students must sign their names for the textbook they are returning.

SCHOOL SITE MANAGEMENT:  The exam schedule you received indicates the course, date and location for all examinations.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are fully aware of the date, time and location for each of their examinations.  Students are individually responsible for presenting themselves on the correct day at the proper time for a particular examination.  When you are dismissed from your exam, you are to quietly go to your locker and proceed to the main floor as other students may be still writing exams.   Students need not be present at school at any time they are not writing an examination.

CAFETERIA, LIBRARY & SERVERY:  Please note that there will not be a study hall location available and the cafeteria space and library will be closed.  The school servery will be closed during this period and food purchases will not be able to be made.

STUDENT NOTES AND OTHER MATERIALS:  During the examination writing period, unless otherwise advised by a particular subject teacher, students must leave all notes, notebooks, and papers in their lockers.  Students will be briefed by their subject teachers concerning permissible objects (i.e. math sets, rulers, calculators, textbooks, etc.) Students who are found to have notes on themselves will be subject to penalty if such notes relate to examination materials.  Do not jeopardize passing a credit by cheating or being suspected of cheating on the examination. Cell phones are prohibited in the examination room.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURE:  If school is cancelled due to an emergency, that day’s exam will be written on Thursday January 3 1st, 2019.  Other exams will continue to be written on their scheduled day.