Breakfast of Champions: Celebrating Students and Catholic Character

On Friday January 11th, Cardinal Carter hosted its first Breakfast of Champions.

One may ask, what makes a champion? A champion is someone who goes about their every day with strong charisma, willingness to learn, and commitment to an inclusive and friendly learning environment. It is through one’s Catholic character of being compassionate, forgiving, and responsible citizens that our school community is stronger and brighter in love and perseverance.

Our school community has recognized some of our Champions of Cardinal Carter through gathering together over a delightful breakfast. Homeroom teachers were invited to submit the name of an individual who exemplified our Catholic values; a student who wasn’t necessarily a leader, but one who showed thoughtfulness, respect, caring, empathy, and love towards their peers. They were invited to write a Thank You card to the student which the students opened up at the Breakfast. Here is the slideshow that played with snippets of what the teachers said:

Ms DiFede, the organizer and emcee of the event, invited students to share how they felt reading their letters. Some of the words were:







The Breakfast of Champions event provided an opportunity to celebrate our students and show them that we value their goodness and kindness. As a school, let’s allow the champion in each of us inspire and guide others to display small acts of kindness.

Congratulations to the Pioneers of Breakfast of Champions!! A special thank you to Angela DiFede for bringing this tradition to Carter and the teachers who helped to organize the event.