Ms. Dametto & Grade 10 Students Explore Careers in Science Through Virtual Reality

On Friday, April 5th, Grade 10 Science students participated in a Science Careers Inquiry lesson using Virtual Reality in the Library Learning Commons. The students used Google Expeditions to explore seven different careers in various science fields before completing their own science career inquiry on myBlueprint. Students virtually visited each workplace to explore the ins and outs of the following careers:


    1. Career Expedition: Vet
    2. Nasa’s Modern Figures
    3. Career Exploration: Ecologist
    4. Career Exploration: Biomedical Scientist
    5. Career Expedition: Pharmacist
    6. Career Expedition: Airline Pilot
    7. Animal Research at Imperial College London

We are excited to offer our students these enriching experiential learning opportunities and look forward to exploring more with VR in the future!