School Uniform – DGN Kilters Uniform Sale

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the weather gets warmer, we would like to remind everyone in our school community that non-uniform sweaters and jackets are not to be worn in the building during school hours. The purpose of the school uniform is to clearly identify members of our community.

The following are approved uniform items:

●      A short sleeved or long sleeved golf shirt with the school crest

●      A school sweater, pullover with the school crest worn over a golf shirt

●      School rugby uniform top

●      Grey dress pants with the school crest located on the pant leg

●      Black shoes without any colour markings or insignias

DGN Kilters, the official uniform vendor for Cardinal Carter CHS, will have a promotion for uniform items starting on July 19th. Attached is a flyer from DGN Kilters, our uniform provider.

Thank you for supporting our school community. Students who are not adhering to the school uniform policy will receive a consequence.  

DGN Kilters Uniform Sale