Exams are coming! Study Help Site Launched to Help Manage Workload

Exams are coming! I repeat, exams are coming! Many students feel the extra stress as their final assignment deadlines draw near and their exams loom in the not-so-distant future. The best strategy to cope? Proactivity.

The YCDSB has launched its Study Help Website to assist students with the extra workload they feel during this time of year and to be proactive when starting their exam preparation. The site provides mental wellness tips and advice, as well as information on how to plan out a study schedule leading up to the exam period.

Moreover, students can try out various study tips and strategies that have proven to be helpful, especially for subjects that are loaded with content. It also includes helpful hints for best practices when actually writing the exams.

Check out the Study Help Website for more details. We wish students tremendous success in the coming weeks as they prepare for their final assessments and examinations!