Inclement Weather Information

If School transportation is cancelled due to inclement weather and/or poor road conditions it will be communicated on the School, Board, Twitter and/or in the morning after 6 a.m.:

Cafeteria Services at all YCDSB Secondary Schools are closed.

For ALL Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Please exercise discretion in deciding whether to send your child to school.

The decision to cancel school transportation service is region-wide, meaning all school buses, vans, and taxis would not operate.

Schools would be open and parent(s)/guardian(s) can make alternate arrangements to transport their children to and from school.

As school transportation is cancelled in the morning, it will not operate in the afternoon.

Exams, tests, quizzes, excursions, charter trips, school programs, co-curricular activities, evening presentations, workshops, in-services, as well as parent meetings (e.g. Identification, Placement, and Review Committee Meetings, IPRCs) would be cancelled for that day and will be rescheduled.

Permits are cancelled for the evening unless by noon on the inclement weather day, the Facilities Department determines that conditions are improving and permits can proceed.

All Continuing Education Courses scheduled for during the day and evening would be cancelled. This includes ESL, Secondary, and Adult Interest Courses.

Before and After School Programs make every effort to remain open in inclement weather. However, the decision to open or to close early is up to the discretion of the Child Care Operator.