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Summer assessments for secondary students who are new to Canada

Newcomer Secondary Student Assessments

Assessments for secondary students who are new to Canada need to be completed before a student can register for high school. Appointments for assessments can be booked by calling the Board’s head office (ext. 12433) or by emailing Registrations for all secondary students will take place at local Catholic high schools starting Monday, August 19th. Complete the registration

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Social Media Litigation

Dear York Catholic District School Board families,

Today, the York Catholic District School Board announced that we are joining the lawsuit against tech giants Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok for disruption to student learning and the education system.  We, alongside ten other Ontario schools and boards, allege that these companies have negligently designed and marketed addictive products that have disrupted our board’s ... Continue reading "Social Media Litigation"

SafeArrival Information: Keeping Our Kids Safe


As we start a new school year, we hope you will take some time to review the SafeArrival information below. 

When your child is sick, we understand that informing their school can be easily forgotten. But when absent students are not reported and office staff are unable to contact their parent/guardian, schools must assume the child is lost ... Continue reading "SafeArrival Information: Keeping Our Kids Safe"