Milk Bags Unlimited–Doing Good with our spare time

Again this year, the Library Learning Commons will have looms available for students to come and create milk-bag mats and pillows to send to Milk Bags Unlimited. 

Students are welcome to come in during their spare, lunch, or after school to weave a mat. 

Here is a write-up from the perspective of Tyler Burgess, a member of Free the Children who participated as part of their Club’s activities:

Our FTC provides their support and donate their time and effort into the process of helping the less fortunate. Cardinal Carter has a wide range of clubs, many of them are simple, devoting their time to playing cards or discussing pop culture and indulging in sports or trade skills such as communications tech. Councils like FTC, JACK, and OSAIDwork tirelessly to promote awareness for important societal, and health issues. To some, these efforts seem pointless since the issues have and “will” always be a problem, but I say that this mentality is why first world countries like Canada still have these issues, and yes, we do have the power to end it. We have enough, to give a little, the milk bags which cost people nothing to give away end up as beds to people who have less than nothing. In comparison, the luxuries we take for granted are so simple, for instance, whatever you are using to read this article is a luxury. These luxuries appear to us as standard components to living. Such as access to clean food and water, support from parents, teachers, and friends, a secure and locked house to sleep in, or a phone to communicate with police and helplines.

The generosity inside of us must be evoked, but it starts with your acceptance that the world needs you. I encourage you, join a group, or a program focused on issues which you want to see changes brought to. If you do not have an issue that you want to focus on search for one. We are a community, and we are Canada, we are all human, so let’s work TOGETHER to bring simple luxuries to those in need. A small donation can become a beautiful investment in our future.