Virtual fieldtrips to “La francophonie”

The cost of a field trip has never been so low or far-reaching. In our ongoing quest to be effective communicators in a second language, Grade 9 IB French students at Cardinal Carter used Virtual Reality to build intercultural understanding and connections as they “visited” French speaking countries around the globe.

In our efforts to be knowledgeable about the many diverse and fascinating countries that make up La francophonie, we continue to strive to be more open-minded about what it means to speak French, as well as our own native languages. Recently, we visited France, bien sûr, but also wandered around Senegal, Cambodia, Guadeloupe, Belgium, Vietnam, Morocco, and the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Such experiences lead us to be more reflective about the many French-speaking cultures of the world and some of their history, but also inevitably make us reflect more on our own cultures, homes, and spoken languages.

C’était fantastique!

No one’s baggage was lost, only grown and improved.

Ms. L. McCarthy