IB Exam Update and Concurrency of Learning Plan

IB exams are currently scheduled for the following dates:

IB Exams for Grade 12 IB Students: 

May 3rd – SL Physics Paper 1 & SL Physics Paper 2

May 4th – SL History Paper 1 and SL History Paper 2

May 6th – HL/SL Mathematics  Paper 1

May 7th – HL/SL Mathematics  Paper 2 & SL Economics Paper 1

May 10th – SL Economics Paper 2 & HL Literature paper 1

May 11th – HL Mathematics Paper 3

May 14th – HL Chemistry Paper 1 & HL Chemistry Paper 2

May 19th – HL/SL Biology Paper 1 & HL/SL Biology Paper 2

IB Exams for Grade 11 IB Students: 

May 20th – SL French Paper 1 & SL French Paper 2


Concurrency of Learning:

In an effort to support our IB Diploma Programme students in Grade 11 and 12, Cardinal Carter CHS, in collaboration with our YCDSB partners, has devised a strategy that will ensure the concurrency of learning for this school year. 

Students enrolled in Quadmester 4 courses that are writing IB exams, will have the opportunity to participate in after school synchronous and asynchronous classes facilitated by their subject teacher. These classes will begin during the Quadmester 2 session and will run until the beginning of Quadmester 4. The details of these courses will be communicated by the subject teacher. 

All subject areas will provide asynchronous learning opportunities throughout the school year. Students who require support are encouraged to contact their subject teacher. TOK Essay workshops and Extended Essay workshops will also take place this year. More information will be posted on the new IB website: 


Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, the IB has revised some of the curriculum expectations for the May 2021 exam session. For more information please contact the subject teacher.